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Support our Initiative!
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Every SAT we stay humblewe go for a walkwe talk about Bitcoin we meet friendswe connect with naturewe walk the talkwe make memorieswe post #ProofOfWalk






Our initiative

BitcoinWalk is a decentralized non-profit initiative aiming to spread awareness and education of how money works. We bring together people curious to learn about Bitcoin while walking together. We talk about money, politics, game theory, technology, security, energy, environment, philosophy with Bitcoin at the centre of our conversation. Having those conversations in real life during a walk is a healthy way to socialise and to learn new perspectives.

The idea behind BitcoinWalk is simpler than it sounds. People anywhere in the world meet at a specific location and go for a walk together. During the walk, we discuss the news of Bitcoin, share our insights, experiences and thoughts on how Bitcoin can fix the money and fix the world. This is not only an opportunity for interesting discussions, but also for making new friends and building a community of Bitcoin enthusiasts.

Support our Initiative!

BitcoinWalk Donate


Community: BitcoinWalk aims to grow and strengthen local communities of Bitcoin enthusiasts, providing them with a weekly opportunity to build relationships of trust. We firmly believe in the power of local communities to make a difference around them, and that small, incremental changes can lead to real global impact.


Onboarding: BitcoinWalk is the perfect occasion to continue your Bitcoin learning journey and share your questions and doubts with fellow plebs. We aspire to onboard everyone who is curious about Bitcoin, providing guidance and encouragement at every step.


Inclusion: BitcoinWalk is and will always be open to everyone. The format is designed to be family- and pet-friendly, so everyone is welcome to join!


Touch grass: We too at BitcoinWalk love tech, but we believe in the power of real-life interaction and outdoors exercise. BitcoinWalk is also a great opportunity to share your experience among people you know and trust in the safest environment: away from screens and keyboards!


Proof of Walk: Proof of Work is a key concept in Bitcoin, so at BitcoinWalk we encourage people to post #ProofOfWalk pictures of their meet ups. Consistency really pays off, in the form of stronger community and new relationships!


Privacy: At BitcoinWalk we’re mindful of everyone’s privacy and respect individual preferences. Some might prefer to hide faces with stickers on #ProofOfWalk pictures, and we ask our chapters that they accommodate their members’ choices. Similarly, we ask all members to default to discretion when it comes to sharing the conversations that happen in BitcoinWalks.


Ownership: While BitcoinWalk is all about education and self-empowerment, and we encourage everyone to ask questions, we do not provide financial advice. Bitcoin is about taking control and ownership and, while we will not provide hands on guidance we will be happy to point you in the right direction.


Scope: BitcoinWalk started in Edinburgh but is slowly growing as the concept is shared and more chapters join in. Our ambition is to have a global presence and to empower local communities to effect change locally.


Decentralisation: BitcoinWalk is a decentralised initiative: the concept is not owned by anyone, and so it belongs to all of us. Every chapter is independent and can self-organise. We strongly believe in local self-governance.


Bitcoin only: Lastly but not any less important, BitcoinWalk is naturally a Bitcoin-only initiative. The technical, financial and philosophical implications of Bitcoin are surely wide enough that there will always be plenty to discuss! This is not a financial advice or crypto event and while we want to be inclusive we ask our members to please focus on Bitcoin.