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BitcoinWalk in Banff

Welcome to our BitcoinWalk side event to Bitcoin Rodeo conference where Bitcoin enthusiasts can get together for a walk in nature and engage in in real life conversation. The walks provide an opportunity for anyone to step away from screens, get some exercise, and socialize with fellow members of the Bitcoin community as well as learn about Bitcoin if you are new to it.

At BitcoinWalk, anyone can meet interesting people passionate about Bitcoin and eager to discuss its revolutionary potential through many lenses. As anyone strolls along scenic paths, conversations range from economics, game theory, technology, geopolitics, security, energy, the environment, mental health, philosophy and more – all centered around Bitcoin.

Anyone can exchange ideas about how Bitcoin enables self-sovereignty, creates a fairer financial system, promotes economic freedom, and contributes to the ongoing peaceful financial revolution. The walks provide space for anyone to reflect on Bitcoin’s ability to reshape global systems and enact positive change in the world.

With each step anyone takes, connections are built, new perspectives are gained, and we get closer to worldwide adoption of a decentralized digital currency. Anyone can join  as we walk together towards a future where all paths lead to Bitcoin where revolutions are built on understanding, community and fresh perspective.

Best of all, anyone anywhere can start a BitcoinWalk because it’s a decentralized initiative. The ultimate goal is to turn BitcoinWalk into a worldwide festival that happens every week and is run by anyone who enjoys walking and talking Bitcoin.

Bitcoin is inevitable. The transition is already underway. Get on the right side of history and help lead the monetary revolution. See you there!

Join the BitcoinWalk in Banff / Calgary, AB

Meet us on Thursday
Join us on Telegram below for details on time and transit.

The Grand

We are meeting by The Grand
608 1 St SW, Calgary, AB T2P 1M6