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BitcoinWalk in Athens

Unleash your inner philosopher and join us for the ‘Bitcoin Walk,’ a unique meetup combining exploration and education. We will stroll around Athens, exploring the charming district of Plaka and walking around Acropolis hill, just as the ancient Greek thinkers did thousands of years ago.

While walking the historic streets, our conversation will focus on Bitcoin, its relevance, and impact in the current economy.

Perfect for anyone with an interest in the multidisciplinary aspects of bitcoin, no matter whether a seasoned bitcoiner or a curious rookie.

Our Bitcoin Walk offers an excellent opportunity to learn about Bitcoin while enjoying the rich sights and sounds of Athens.

Beyond Bitcoin, our chats can delve into the wider world of finance, decentralization, computer technology, and more!

So put on your walking shoes, bring your inquisitive mind, and let’s spark some engaging conversation as we navigate Athens’ beautiful landscapes!

This meetup is a fantastic chance to combine physical activity with intellectual stimulation, surrounded by like-minded enthusiasts. Share your ideas and perspectives, learn from others, and deep dive into the world of bitcoin, all while soaking in Athens’ awe-inspiring scenery.

Note: You are encouraged to bring along water bottles, comfortable footwear, sunscreen, and hats/caps for heat protection. Let’s walk, talk, learn, and get healthy at the same time. Meet us at the entrance of the Thiseio Metro Station. Can’t wait to see you there!

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Every SAT

Meet us every SATurday at 5pm

Thiseio Metro Station

We meet by the Thiseio Metro Station