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Money: Past, Present & Future - La Bitcoineta Conference

La Bitcoineta is coming to Edinburgh!

As part of their ‘21 Confs Tour’ our Argentinian friends from La Bitcoineta – the Bitcoin educational initiative known for its iconic Bitcoin van – are organising a 1 day-only event to discuss money: its past, present, and future!

With inflation and the rising cost of living becoming a more important part of our daily lives: What makes a money sound? What can we learn from Argentina, once an incredibly prosperous nation which has been struggling with inflation for decades? What are the virtues and vices of the dollar hegemony, as it is challenged by the BRICS? What role can Bitcoin play in this context and, more importantly: can it really fix everything?

The Scottish Bitcoin community is beyond excited to host this mini conference, which will take place at the Dirty Martini Bar, Le Monde Hotel, 16 George St, EH2 2PF on Friday 17th of May. Please join us in welcoming our friends from La Bitcoineta as we discuss one of the most crucial and pressing issues of our time!

Brought to you by: La Bitcoineta,, BTCEdinburgh, GlasgowBitcoin.

Join on meetup

Friday 17th May

9:00am - 5:00pm

Dirty Martini Bar, Le Monde Hotel

16 George Street