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BitcoinWalk in Bulawayo

BitcoinWalk in Bulawayo: Join the Revolution!

Welcome to the Bulawayo chapter of BitcoinWalk, a vibrant weekly gathering for Bitcoin enthusiasts in Zimbabwe! Step into nature with us and immerse yourself in real-life conversations about Bitcoin, where screens are left behind, exercise is embraced, and connections are forged within our Bitcoin community.

Embrace Nature, Embrace Bitcoin

At BitcoinWalk, you’ll meet like-minded individuals passionate about Bitcoin’s transformative power. As you stroll through picturesque paths, discussions span diverse topics like economics, technology, geopolitics, and more – all revolving around the revolutionary potential of Bitcoin.

Join the Movement Towards Financial Freedom

Engage in conversations about how Bitcoin fosters self-sovereignty, a fairer financial system, economic freedom, and positive global change. Every step you take with us builds connections, broadens perspectives, and propels us towards widespread adoption of decentralized digital currency.

Be Part of a Global Movement

Join us every Saturday as we walk towards a future where Bitcoin paves the way for understanding, community, and fresh perspectives. Whether you’re new to Bitcoin or a seasoned enthusiast, our walks offer a space to explore its impact on global systems and its potential for positive change.

Start Your Own BitcoinWalk

BitcoinWalk is a decentralized initiative open to anyone, anywhere. Our vision is to transform it into a global weekly festival led by individuals who share a love for walking and discussing all things Bitcoin.Bitcoin’s rise is inevitable – be part of history in the making. Join us next weekend and be a driving force in the monetary revolution. See you there!

Every SAT

Meet us on Saturdays at 12.00pm

Bulawayo C.B.D.

We meet at the corner of Leopold Takawira Avenue and Main St