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BitcoinWalk in Edinburgh

Tired of central bank manipulation and government overreach? Join the Edinburgh Bitcoin Maximalists for our weekly Bitcoin walk to take a stand for financial freedom.

Every SATurday at noon we gather in Meadows park near the tennis courts to connect with fellow Bitcoiners committed to accelerating hyperbitcoinization. During our walk we discuss the latest Bitcoin news, innovations, and ways to drive mainstream adoption.

New to Bitcoin? No problem! Our group welcomes anyone eager to learn about this revolutionary technology. Join us to ask questions and gain a deeper understanding of how Bitcoin is destined to separate money from state.

After the walk we often grab a bite and continue preaching the virtues of a trustless, decentralized monetary system free from middlemen and third party control. This is a judgement-free zone welcoming anyone ready to detach from the corrupt, inflationary fiat system and embrace the hardest money ever created.

Bitcoin is inevitable. The transition is already underway. Get on the right side of history and help lead the monetary revolution. See you on Saturday!

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Meet us every SATurday at noon

Meadows City Tennis Club

We meet between the tennis courts and the playground in the Meadows park.