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Support our Initiative!
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BitcoinWalk in Fairfax, Virginia

Join us every SATurday at noon for individuals and families to have a charming outing with our BitcoinWalk in Fairfax. We convene in the parking lot near the BSTEM Enrichment Center before embarking on a delightful stroll to the serene surroundings of Daniels Run forested trail.

Please check our TG for details.

This weekly gathering is a chance for Bitcoin enthusiasts to connect, share insights, and discuss the latest trends in the Bitcoin world. We welcome newcomers who are curious about Bitcoin and its transformative potential. Our friendly group is more than happy to answer any questions you might have and help deepen your understanding of this groundbreaking technology.  Once a month, our BitoinWalk will be followed by our NOVA Virginia Bitcoin Family Meetup.

Our walk is also a chance to discuss how Bitcoin is poised to create a shift in the monetary system, providing a decentralized, trustless alternative free from third-party control. After our walk, we often enjoy a meal together, continuing our discussions and sharing our enthusiasm for Bitcoin’s potential to offer an alternative to the traditional inflationary fiat system. This is a welcoming, judgement-free zone, open to anyone interested in learning about Bitcoin and its potential to transform our monetary system.

Join the BitcoinWalk in Fairfax, Virginia

Meet us on 11th May at 12:00pm

BSTEM Enrichment Center

We meet in the parking lot by BSTEM Enrichment Center