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Join the #21SATs BitcoinWalk challenge!

BitcoinWalk is a simple idea with low time preference – #everySAT – that’s every Saturday people go for a walk and talk about Bitcoin with other local Bitcoiners or those who are new but curious about Bitcoin.

It’s a perfect opportunity to socialize, ask questions in real life and learn from other bitcoiners… Away from the screen, the mainstream propaganda, fake news and social media noise we talk about money, economics, geopolitics, game theory, technology, environment, energy, philosophy and much more with Bitcoin at the heart of our conversations.

#everySAT, wherever you are, put down your phone, go for a walk and pick the brains of someone walking next to you. Walk the talk with BitcoinWalk

The BitcoinWalk initiative started in Edinburgh, where bitcoin enthusiasts meet every Saturday. On Saturday, 23rd March 2024 they will meet again to celebrate their 100th BitcoinWalk in Edinburgh. This meetup format receives great feedback and there are new chapters of BitcoinWalk popping up in other cities across Europe.

To celebrate the upcoming 100th BitcoinWalk, we’re announcing the #21SATs Challenge: get in touch with local bitcoiners and go for a BitcoinWalk #everySAT, 21 times! Complete #21SATs and post some #ProofOfWalk to get BitcoinWalk limited edition not for sale merch, but more importantly to build relationships and trust in your local area and to learn about the future of money!

If you like the idea of walking and learning about Bitcoin – no matter if you are a complete beginner or a veteran bitcoiner, join the existing BitcoinWalk near you or get in touch at and start a new chapter wherever you are! Remember, getting together and committing to go for a walk somewhere beautiful once a week costs nothing, and the benefits are hard to overstate!

Join us and walk the talk, #everySAT with BitcoinWalk!

Please note that BitcoinWalk is not intended for providing financial advice. It is a community initiative for educational purposes and fostering discussions related to Bitcoin.

Join #21SATs challenge